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COVID-19 Relief Fund

United Way Galveston County COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

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Text COVIDGC to 41444 

Purpose of the Fund:

The United Way Galveston County Mainland COVID–19 Emergency and Recovery Fund was created through the generosity of area businesses and individuals for the purpose of addressing the needs of the community as a result of the COVID-19 emergency in Galveston County. The Fund is designed to complement the work of the City, County, public health officials and school officials and expand local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak’s effect on our community as efficiently as possible.

The goal of this fund is to ensure that the grants awarded meet the greatest needs in communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 in the priority areas identified below.

Priority Areas:

• Homelessness Prevention – Families and individuals who have been homeless in the past are particularly at risk of losing their housing in economic downturn.

• Food/Meals for Older Adults and Children - COVID-19 presents an especially dire threat to already food insecure families who now face an uncertain economic future as well as older adults with limited means and at risk of isolation.

• Flex Fund – As all family’s needs are not the same, flexible dollars to respond to other crisis that Individuals, families or agencies may confront such as transportation, childcare and utilities are critical.

The Fund priorities may evolve as our county adapts to the COVID-19 outbreak. We will continue to prioritize communities most impacted, recognizing deep and historic inequities that are likely to be magnified in times of crisis. We recognize the need to provide immediate resources, as well as the importance of recovery resources to ensure community resilience.

Management of the Fund:

Fund will be managed by United Way of Galveston County Mainland.  

Who is eligible?

501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations serving to Galveston County Mainland Community.  

Who is ineligible?

Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.

Individuals - We understand many individuals and families have been affected by the outbreak already and more will continue to be affected. On behalf of our partners, UWGCM is working to move resources to community-based organizations that are directly supporting local residents and families who are most affected by emerging health, economic, and social impacts. If you are an individual or family with immediate concerns, please call 211 for assistance connecting to resources.

Funds Available:

United Way will continue to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.  Eligible agencies applying for funding will direct these funds to program services for individuals identified as being impacted by COVID-19.

Reporting Requirements for Agencies:

Programs awarded funding through the Galveston County Mainland COVID–19 Emergency and Recovery Fund will be asked to report on outcomes associated with their funded areas.

Announcement of awards

We will publish a list of grants on our website and announce them on social media.


Click Here to DONATE


Text  COVIDGC to 41444