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Our Focus on Health

When it comes to accessing health services, a person's socioeconomic status should never be a deterrent to success, nor should it be a barrier to improved health.  Yet for many, its a daily reality.

The health of individuals is a strong indicator of the health of a community. Achieving and maintaining good health is important during all stages of life, from conception through childhood, into adulthood and through older age. To improve the health of our communities, we must all become more aware of health risks, starting from before birth.  Whether it is a teen struggling to make the right decision, a senior in need of home health care, or a survivor of abuse seeking a safer environment, United Way Galveston County Mainland is fighting to improve the quality of life for all.

By making it easier for individuals to access substance abuse programs, receive quality health care and access nutritious foods, we're fighting to help everyone get -and stay- healthy.

Family Wize Prescription Discount Program

FamilyWize Community Service Partnership is working with United Way Galveston County Mainland to help people get their much-needed prescription medications they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

The program is free, easy to use, and can benefit anyone who is uninsured or simply has high medication costs.  

To download a free prescription discount card, click here.


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