How To Help

Raise Your Hand and Pledge to Stand Up For United Way


For decades, we've focused on programs that improve lives of those around us - but we can't do it without your help.  When you donate to United Way Galveston County Mainland, you're helping to change the lives of individuals and families in our community in countless ways.

We improve lives by investing your dollars in our work and in the work of health and human service agencies that share our goals.  Your investment makes you a part of a coordinated, community-wide effort that creates lasting community changes right here, where you live and work.  In addition, your contribution is leveraged and combined with others then strategically invested in results-driven programs and initiatives.

It takes coordination and an entire network of program to keep our communities strong - and that's what United Way Galveston County Mainland provides.  An investment in the work of United Way allows you to tackle multiple social issues with one single contribution and ensures that a strong network of programs is available to help many people in need.




Everything we do depends on people like you - those committed to treating 360 degrees of need.  Whether you donate your time, resources, efforts or expertise, you're making a difference.  Together, we can lift up those in need and create hope for a better tomorrow.

United Way Galveston County Mainland can connect you with various volunteer opportunities through our Partner Agencies.  Whether you want to volunteer for a special event, mentor a child in need, serve food to the hungry or simply help an agency with landscaping or maintenance, we can find the perfect match for you!

To get involved and learn more about volunteer opportunities, fill out our volunteer form