8 Things to Know About 211

Everyone knows about 9-1-1. But few people know about 211, the nationwide service for non-emergency life challenges. Right now as more people need help during this global crisis, they might not know where to turn. The answer is 211.

211 is a vital service that connects people to help.

Here are 8 things you might not know about 211:

1. We can help with complex challenges, whatever they may be. 211 connects people to resources like:

  • Health and mental health assistance

  • Child care and after-school programs

  • Financial coaching

  • Addiction treatment

  • Transportation

  • Affordable housing and rent assistance

  • Legal services

  • Employment and job training

  • Disaster recovery

  • Utility assistance

  • Disability resources

  • Veteran services

  • Tax preparation

2. 211 is for anyone. More than ever, unexpected challenges are part of all of our lives. When problems arise, 211 is a good resource to have in your back pocket. Best of all, the service is available to everyone, regardless of income level.

3. 211 is available 24/7/365. That’s every day, every hour, every minute of the year. And if you don’t feel like calling, you can text or use the website. Check 211.org to find your local texting number and website. 

4. 94.6% of the U.S. population has access to 211. Most of Canada also has access to the service.

5. 211 helps tens of millions each year. 211 is a year-round service. In 2018, the service fielded over 11 million calls and almost 1 million texts, chats and emails. That’s in addition to 13 million website searches! 

6. You’ll talk to a real person. A trained, expert specialist answers questions, helps identify the root causes of your problem and connects you to local resources.

7.  Translation is available in 180 languages, making the service available to millions more people than would otherwise have access to it.

8. You can call to find volunteer opportunities in your area. Many people are in need right now so it’s a good time to check to find local organizations and families that you can help.


If you are in need of assistance please call 211 today or visit the 211 website for more information.