COVID-19 Relief Fund

Dear UWGCM Friends,
In times of past crisis, we’ve always risen to the challenge as a nation: growing victory gardens during WWII, raising flags after 9/11, stacking sandbags during Ike and answering the call during Harvey. 
We are again facing such a crisis, and while we worry about our own futures, we must not forget the people in our community who are already struggling with the financial effects of COVID-19.
As events are cancelled, sales plummet, and businesses shutter, our Galveston County residents are losing much-needed wages and tips. As schools close, families must choose between expensive child care or cutting hours at work. And children who rely on free- and reduced-price breakfasts and lunches at school risk going hungry. 
That’s why United Way Galveston County Mainland has created the COVID-19 Fund, to shore up food pantries, emergency-relief programs, and other community resources that will be strained in the coming weeks and months. 
We ask you now to step up, to embody the community spirit manifested in this country for more than two centuries.
In a time of uncertainty, a gift to the United Way Galveston County Mainland COVID-19 Fund is a gift of hope. 
If you or someone you know needs help getting through these uncertain times, dial 211. Our 211 Texas/United Way HELPLINE is available 24/7 to connect you with food, child care, transportation, and other critical information and resources. You may also check our website, social media for updated resources from our partner agencies.