United We Read

UWGCM's annual Dr. Seuss Summer Reading program has transformed due to COVID-19. We have created a new program UNITED We Read!

Here is how YOU can help.

We will be collecting videos from community members reading stories—each about a 5 minutes reading session. Readers must say their first name, book title, and author's name when recording. Send us your profile picture.
Please read the specific instructions below. If you have any questions, reach out to Angelica Hanley at ahanley@uwgcm.org. We will be more than happy to answer them. Enjoy your journey in giving back while staying home.
  • Note: Bilingual readers are welcome to read in Spanish.
United Way Galveston County Mainland is looking for Reading Buddies to read remotely to young children in Galveston County.


It's easy, It's fun, but most of all it's necessary

Its this simple :
Grab a children’s book that you can read within five minutes or less (If you don't have a children's book at home you can go to: www.freekidsbooks.org
Find a quiet, well-lit spot in your home or office.
Record a video of you reading the book and showing the illustrations on your phone or tablet.
Visit this link to upload video:  https://driveuploader.com/upload/7Nmxlwhh1Y/
Together we can ensure that even during the most turbulent times, children have the resources to read on their grade level and have a path towards success.

Because.....UNITED WE READ