Campaign Toolkit

UWGCM Campaign Toolkit

Running a United Way campaign in your workplace can be challenging, rewarding, and a great way to bond as a team while helping improve lives in Galveston County.

If you are organizing a campaign at your workplace, are working with a team to run a campaign, or are just curious about what it takes to put a campaign together, the best place to start is by contacting your company's United Way representative or contact UWGCM at (409) 948-4211.

The resources below will help you plan a traditional and virtual campaign.


Tools For A Great Campaign

      Campaign Manual            Campaign Checklist         Fundraiser Ideas             United Way Store

      Campaign Checklist                    


Jean Day Stickers                   Request A Speaker


Campaign Communications

Communication materials can be customized for any workplace campaign by contacting UWGCM.

        New Hire Letter                      Pledge Sheet (pdf)                Pledge Sheet (Word)     


Sample Communications


PowerPoint Template






        Your Annual Impact     Impact Flyer      


2022 Member Agency Allocations




Click on the images below to download and print these posters for your workplace campaigns.

Campaign Posters              




Progress Posters


 Thank You Posters 



Sucess Stories



Click here to view all UWGCM logos and usage guidelines.


Camgaign Videos

Click here to view all UWGCM campaign videos.


UWGCM Campaign Branding (Social Media & Web)

Maximize your company's impact on the community by sharing your story on your website and social media platforms and encouraging your employees to do the same.  

Social Media Toolkit                           Social Media Tips


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