Ways to Give

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Ways To Give

We believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact in their community. We offer various ways for you to get involved with your local United Way and support our mission. Whether you prefer to volunteer your time, advocate for change, or make a donation, there are numerous opportunities for you to give back. When you support United Way Galveston County Mainland, you're improving the lives of individuals and families in our community. 

How It Works

Becoming a part of United Way is a significant milestone for any agency seeking to make a positive impact in their community. The process typically involves a comprehensive evaluation and collaboration with the Allocation Committee, which is a group of volunteers who ensure alignment with United Way's mission and values. Agencies interested in joining United Way Galveston County Mainland undergo a rigorous application process that includes a thorough assessment of their programs, financial stability, and governance. The Allocation Committee evaluates the agency's impact, effectiveness, and ability to address community needs. Once accepted, the agency gains access to resources, funding opportunities, and a network of like-minded organizations. They become part of a collaborative effort, working alongside United Way Galveston County Mainland and other partner agencies to collectively address critical issues and create lasting change in their community. Joining United Way Galveston County Mainland provides agencies with a powerful platform to amplify their impact and reach, enabling them to better serve individuals and families in need.

Volunteering is a great way to directly engage with the community and make a tangible difference in people's lives. United Way Galveston County Mainland offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities that cater to various interests and skill sets. We can also connect you with various volunteer opportunities through our partner agencies. Whether you're passionate about education, health, or financial stability, we have a volunteer opportunity for you. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more and sign up for upcoming opportunities.

Advocacy plays a crucial role in shaping policies and creating long-term, sustainable change. By becoming an advocate for United Way Galveston County Mainland, you can help us address community challenges and influence decision-makers. Advocacy can take many forms, such as writing letters to elected officials, participating in community forums, or raising awareness about important issues on social media. Through advocacy, you can amplify our voice and help us promote education, fight for financial stability for everyone, and create better health outcomes for all. Check out our Advocacy page to discover ways you can lend your voice to our cause.

Financial contributions are vital for supporting United Way Galveston County Mainland's programs. Donations enable us to fund local nonprofit agencies, that provide resources to those that are in need, and drive community-wide change. Your gift, no matter the size, can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families in the Galveston County Mainland area. You can choose to make a one-time donation or become a recurring donor to sustain our efforts throughout the year. Visit our donation page to learn more about the different giving options and make a contribution securely online. 

Another effective way to support United Way Galveston County Mainland is through workplace giving campaigns. Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to contribute to charitable organizations through payroll deductions. By participating in your workplace giving campaign, you can make a positive impact while also fostering a culture of giving within your organization. Reach out to your human resource department to learn more about workplace giving options.

No matter how you choose to give, your support matters. United Way Galveston County Mainland appreciates every act of generosity and values your commitment to building a stronger community. Together, we can make a difference and create lasting change. Start exploring the various ways to give today and join us in improving lives in Galveston County Mainland.