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Board of Directors

Phil Roberts
Roberts, Johnson & Cain
  Phil holds a Juris...
Willie Windham
Hitchcock Chamber of Commerce
  Willie Windham grew up in...
Bruce Clawson
Marathon Petroleum Company
  Bruce holds a Bachelor's...
Roy Green
South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center
Shawn Bailey
AMOCO Federal Credit Union
  Shawn holds a Bachelor’s...
Kevin Bogard
Marathon Petroleum
  Kevin Bogard was recently...
Aaron Cameron
  Aaron Cameron graduated...
Julie Masters
City of Dickinson
  Julie Dues Masters is a 3rd...
Derreck Rose
Galveston County
  Constable Derreck Rose is a...
James Torres
Texas First Bank
  Born and raised in Texas...
Walter Treybig
Sal Viscontini
Valero Texas City Refinery
Andrew Venables
Eastman Chemical Company
  Andy Venables is the...
Bridget Wood-Turner
Olin Corporation