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At UWGCM, our mission is to be a leader in our community by facilitating, promoting, and ensuring the availability of services that meet the needs of our community.  

We Will:

  • Prioritize needs in education, health, and basic needs with the ultimate goal of providing services leading to financial stability and quality of life
  • Form innovative and effective partnerships with other organizations
  • Strategically raise and invest resources to make lasting change 


At UWGCM, we envision a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, financial stability, and healthy lives.

  • Everyone should have sufficient food
  • Everyone should have a safe place to live
  • Everyone should have access to basic healthcare
  • Everyone should have the skills and support to enter and stay in the workforce
  • Children and youth should have an opportunity to grow and prosper
  • People in crisis should have access to emergency services
  • Seniors & people with disabilities should be supported in their efforts to remain independent



Have Questions? Contact your local United Way


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