2024 Dow Fishing Tournament

2024 Dow Chemcial Fishing Tournament Rules & Regulations 

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Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
Time: 6:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. – No Check-In Required - All anglers must be in line with fish in hand by 2 PM to be included in weighin.
Cost: Varies based on sponsorship
Prizes: Cash prizes for Stringer, Heaviest Redfish, Heaviest Speckled Trout, and Heaviest Flounder
Questions: Call Leslie Ornelas at (409) 948-4211, or email leslieo@uwgcm.org.
Location: Topwater Grill in San Leon, Tx

Adult Fishing Rules & Regulations

The Dow Fishing Tournament is a 4-angler team and individual saltwater fishing event with individual categories. Adults and youth welcomed.

  1. Federal, State & Local laws shall always be obeyed by contestants. Violation of any federal, state, or local law shall result in immediate disqualification of the individual from the tournament.
  2. Guides are NOT allowed to compete in the tournament. Professional fishing guides may be hired if they are not included in your sponsorship package. However, it is not the responsibility of the event organizer to assign a guide to your team. Guides will only be provided to the teams that purchase a sponsorship package with a guide included.
  3. Fish may only be weighed once, and the same fish may not be weighed in multiple categories.
  4. For the team stringer, there is a 5 fish stringer limit made up of trout, flounder and no more than 2 slotted reds. No tagged reds are allowed.
  5. The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse entry into the competition to any individual, with or without cause, at the sole discretion of the tournament committee.
  6. Tournament participants are expected to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship and courtesy. Unethical conduct will result in disqualification.
  7. All fish shall be caught by rod & reel, in strict accordance with Texas Parks and Wildlife rules, regulations and game laws (you must have a valid Texas Fishing License). Live bait and/or artificial lures is allowed.
  8. All fish must be caught on tournament day. Start time is 6:00 AM. You may launch prior to 6:00 AM at any location but NO LINES ALLOWED IN THE WATER BEFORE 6:00 AM.
  9. Tournament fishing is limited to publicly accessible areas of the Galveston Bay Complex, which includes East Bay, Upper & lower Galveston Bay, Christmas Bay, Chocolate Bay, Bastrop Bay, West Bay, Dickinson Bay, Clear Lake, Trinity Bay, and all adjoining lakes and waterways and the contiguous beachfront from San Luis Pass to Rollover Pass (this includes the Galveston jetties).
  10. You may fish the above-described areas by boat, kayak, land and/or pier, but you must remain within 100 yards of your team members. Wade fishing is permitted.
  11. Legal fish may be weighed-in on Friday. Weigh-in will open at 12:30 p.m. @ Topwater Grill in San Leon, TX. No weigh-ins will be accepted after 2:00 p.m; You MUST be in line with fish “in hand” by 2:00 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS. Weighing of the fish may extend past “weigh-in” time, but you must be in line to be counted. Times of the weigh-in are strictly enforced and no exceptions will be made to the times due to delays incurred on or off the water. Weigh master will have the official clock based on National Central Time. Most iPhones and smart phones are synchronized at this time. In the event of a tie, the earliest weighed-in wins, so make sure you have the weighmaster indicate weigh-in time.
  12. All fish must be kept in fresh and edible condition. Fish determined to be tampered with, not caught within official tournament hours, and/or outside legal areas will be disqualified immediately. Fish will be checked thoroughly (including fish bellies for potential objects/ fish resulting in increased weight). If any fish are disqualified, they cannot be replaced. The Weigh Master’s decision is final.
  13. Fish Categories:

Heaviest Speckled Trout must be between 15” – 20” (No trout over 20”) with a daily limit of 3 per day per person; Heaviest Redfish must be between 20” – 28” (no tagged reds); Heaviest flounder has a minimum of 15”, no maximum.

  1. 1st & 2nd place trophies will be awarded to each category along with the cash purse.
  1. Protests must be presented to the Event Organizer within 30 minutes of the final fish weighed in.
  2. In the event of dangerous weather, cancellation of the tournament will be at the discretion of the tournament committee. If the tournament needs to be cancelled, every attempt will be made to reschedule for a later date.
  3. All boats must be in accordance with every safety standard required by State and Federal enforcement agencies.
  4. Fish length will be measured according to Texas Parks & Wildlife on a flat check-it stick, and tails will be pinched.


Youth Fishing Rules & Regulations

  1. Youth (16 years old and under)
  2. Species: Redfish, Flounder, Speckled Trout (No Trout over 20”) with a daily limit of 3 per day per person, Sand Trout, Perch, Croaker, Whiting, Pin Fish, Piggy Perch, Red Drum, or Black Drum.
  3. Heaviest Fish - Trophies will be given to Youth with the heaviest fish for 1st & 2nd place for any of the species listed above.
  4. Each youth is limited to 1 fish weigh-in, heaviest catch of the day.
  5. Youth entrant's fish cannot be used in non-youth award categories.
  6. All State fishing rules apply


All Texas Parks & Wildlife rules and regulations must be followed.

Fishing participants must agree to the attached “Tournament Rules” before submitting registration.


I hereby waive all liability claims against tournament sponsors, hosts, officials, and all parties associated with the Dow Chemical Fishing Tournament. I also agree to assume all liability for each representative listed as my guest and family. I will abide to all federal, state, and tournament rules and realize my immediate disqualification for infractions of tournament rules without refund.

The Dow Fishing Tournament is a team and individual saltwater fishing event with individual categories. Adults and youth welcomed.



6:00 AM – Begin fishing!

12:30 PM – Lunch will be provided by Topwater Grill! 

12:30 PM to 2:00 PM – Complete weigh-in - you must be in line with Fish-in-Hand no later than 2 p.m. Weigh-in will begin at 12:30 p.m. See Captain Steve Brown at Topwater Grill, San Leon.

After weigh-in, pick up goodie bags and fishing shirts at the welcome table.

   4 PM – Ceremony, awards, and raffle drawings (must be present to win).

Awards (Fish Categories & Cash Payouts)

Trophies will be provided for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.


  5 fish stringer limit made up of Trout, Flounder, and Slotted Reds.

*No more than 2 slotted reds will be allowed.

Team Payout:
(1st=$1,000) (2nd= $500)

Heaviest Redfish
Team Payout:
(1st = $400) (2nd = $200)

Heaviest Speckled Trout
Team Payout:
(1st = $400) (2nd = $200)

Heaviest Flounder
Team Payout:
(1st = $400) (2nd = $200)

Youth Division – Heaviest Fish
Gift cards will be given to Youth with the heaviest fish for 1st & 2nd place for any of the species listed in the youth rules.

Individual Division – Heaviest Fish
Gift cards will be given to Individuals with the heaviest fish for 1st & 2nd place for any of the species listed in the adult rules and regulations.