Campaign Thank You Newsletter

Thank You Luncheon
The year is 2020. It is a new year and a new decade, it is also an exciting time for both United Way and Galveston County. At a time where many non-profit organizations in the nation are seeing a slow decline in individual charitable giving, Galveston County donors refused to follow suit this year. Instead, our donors have answered the call to continue fighting for those who need a voice and for those whose names we may never know. 
The UWGCM luncheon was a way of saying “Thank You” to EVERYONE who attended and those who could not attend who helped make this year’s campaign a success despite recent trends! Because of the generous support, United Way is happy to announce that we have exceeded our fundraising goal this year and are able to continue helping Galveston County residents break the cycle and achieve self-sufficiency. Along with the services provided by our partnering agencies, United Way has continued providing education and training at the UWGCM building. UWGCM is committed to helping those in need, and because of of our donors, 29 Partner Agencies are receiving the vital funding needed to build a community where residents are healthy, financially stable and empowered to meet their full potential. 
All awards are based on per capita giving. We would like to give special recognition to the companies and their employees who went above and beyond to raise funds for the United Way Campaign. 
NuStar Energy and employees – With a phenomenal $1,769.00 per capita giving, we are proud to present this award to NuStar Energy and Employees, as they raised $111,432.00. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to this year’s campaign! 

Eastman Chemical Company and employees - With $551.00 per capita giving, Eastman Chemicals raised $71,125.00. Eastman and their employees continue to set the bar high year after year. Thank you Eastman and Eastman Employees for your commitment, hard work, and dedication to United Way! 
Port of Texas City and employees - With $120.00 per capita giving, Port of TC Employees had another successful campaign this year, increasing their total to $4,800.00. Thank you Port of Texas City and your employees for your support! 
Dow Texas City Operations – Dow had another amazing year for their campaign with $498.00 per capita giving. Dow employees raised $110,000.00. Thank you to Dow and Dow employees!
Ashland Specialty Chemicals – Congratulations to Ashland Chemicals and their employees for another successful campaign with $165.00 per capita giving. They led a tremendous campaign to raise $27,094.00 and we thank Ashland and their Employees for the continued support! 

BP Texas City Chemical Plant - With $86.00 per capita giving, BP’s team did an amazing job and raised $21,460.00. Their dedication and commitment to United Way has improved the lives of countless people in our community. Thank you BP Texas City and BP employees!  
Valero Texas City Refining – Valero and their employees led another phenomenal campaign with per capita giving at $1,352.00. Valero Refining raised an astonishing $655,603.00, an increase of $46,861.00 from last year! Valero Refining Texas City continues to display their support to United Way and our community by increasing their results year after year…. Thank you Valero! Thank you Valero Employees!  

Marathon Petroleum Company - Marathon Petroleum Company continues to have tremendous campaigns year after year and this year was no exception! With $392.00 per capita giving, Marathon Petroleum Company raised an astonishing $725,000.00, an increase of $25,000 from last year. Marathon remains committed to helping others in Galveston County Mainland through their generosity of time, talent and donations to support United Way! Thank you Marathon, Thank you Marathon Employees!  
Turner Industries – Turner led an amazing campaign this year. Last year they received the Bronze award and this year they take the Gold award. Turner Industries and their employees increased their charitable giving by 29% over last year, for an overall campaign total of $31,421.00. The leadership at Turner Industries knows the importance of giving back to the communities they work in. Thank you Turner Industries and all of the Turner Industries Employees!
A & A Machine & Fabrication – Coming in with $275.00 per capita giving, A & A Machine & Fabrication employees raised $19,435.00 in their campaign this year and embraced their strong dedication to United Way. Thank you A & A Machine and employees for all your support!  
Robco continues to give back with a tradition of community service and support valuing over $7,000.00 to United Way last year. Thank you Robco & Robco Employees!
The Spirit of the Mainland Community Division Awards recognize companies and their employees that demonstrate campaign excellence and community commitment in the United Way Galveston County Mainland - Community Division Campaign.  
Education Division:
Texas City ISD
Financial Institution Division:
AMOCO Federal Credit Union
Municipal Division:
City of Texas City
Utility Provider Division: Centerpoint Energy
Retailer Division: HEB Stores 
Media Division: i45Now 
Insurance Division: American National Insurance 
This award recognizes a company that has revamped their annual campaign over the past year. This year’s Horizon Award recipient has come back to be a strong supporter of United Way and raised $4,774.00 through their employee campaign. Hitchcock ISD was the winner if the Horizon award this year. Thank you Hitchcock ISD!
The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of their commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. Volunteers give the most expensive and priceless gift anyone could ever give – kindness, valuable time and unconditional love. Our volunteers of the Year have done just that. From co-chairing their company’s golf tournament committee, to helping with their workplace campaign and on-site fundraising events, these two did not miss a beat, even as one of them became a first-time father about a month before their tournament. They have quickly become an expert in special events and spread their energy to others while doing it. This year’s Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Lily Ebert and Jesse Kelton from Dow Chemicals! Jesse and Lily, we want to thank you for your dedicated volunteer service to United Way Galveston County Mainland! 
The recipient of this year’s Agency Ace Award continues to go above and beyond for the abused and neglected children of Galveston County. In 2016, they had 11 volunteers and provided support services to 34 children. Now, they have 159 volunteers and served 451 children in the last calendar year alone. They are so successful in their efforts that in the last 3 years, 96.4% of the children they serviced found permanent homes and did not return to the foster care system. These volunteers are so invested in the lives and best interest of Galveston County youth, that they continue to stay involved in the child’s lives until their cases are fully closed. This year, United Way Galveston County Mainland is proud to recognize CASA of Galveston County under the direction of Executive Director, Connie Ricketts, with the Agency Ace Award. Thank you all for selfless work and dedication to service! 
This year UWGCM is honored to present Tony Patsatzis with the Spirit of Caring Award. UWGCM has the privilege and honor of hosting a high school intern this school year. Tony has jumped in and helped the UWGCM staff in so many ways. Tony is creative, resourceful and very organized. He is well spoken, intellectual, self-motivated, attentive to detail, and skilled at both independent and collaborative work. Tony is ambitious and knows exactly what needs to be done even before we request a task of him. He is diligent in his work, always completes tasks before deadlines and is always on time. He has displayed a strong ability to work on multi-layered tasks and balance multiple projects concurrently. Tony has mastered the often-overwhelming tasks such as developing fresh and new graphics for our events and workplace campaigns. His skills were especially vital in the implementation and design of our new website. Tony is truly unique in his abilities he has offered us here at UWGCM.
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